The clash of civilizations argument essay

The Clash Of Civilizations Argument Essay

The clash of civilizations argument essay

Mar 04,  · In , he published a sensational essay in Foreign Affairs called “The Clash of Civilizations?” The essay, which became a book, argued that the post-cold war would be marked by. Samuel P. Huntington shocked the world in when he published “The Clash of Civilizations” in the journal of Foreign Affairs. Huntington states “most important conflicts of the future will occur along the cultural fault lines separating these civilizations from one another” (Huntington , 25). In his book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World order, Huntington claims that 'among civilizations the West has had a major and at times devastating impact on every other civilization' (Huntington, , ). Essay 3: Clash of Civilizations. For the third essay, the student must read The Clash of Civilizations by Samuel Huntington and analyze his argument. For this essay, you will pick a position supporting or opposing Huntington’s article about conflict between civilizations and applying it to the current debate on immigration into the U.S. The Islam-Judaism Clash of Civilizations Essay Words | 11 Pages. Israel, Israelis and Palestinians are locked in a clash of civilizations. In his masterful work, The Clash of Civilizations, Samuel L. Huntington outlines a theory which approaches international politics on the scale of civilizations.

The first section is why civilizations will clash followed by six examples of globalization. Second section describes the fault line between civilizations such as Muslim versus Hindu.

This would be followed by the third section of civilization rallying such as the Muslim uprising in the Middle East. Section four discusses the West versus the rest then the fifth section covers the Confusion-Islamic connection. Huntington completes his essay with implications for the West.

The clash of civilizations argument essay

His first section discusses differences among civilizations where each civilization is differentiated by history, language, culture, tradition, and religion. Huntington says the world is becoming a smaller place yet does not make any reference to global economy or wealthy versus non-wealthy nation states.

He references perspectives between the United States and the European Union regarding North African culture which migrated to France Huntington , The above mentioned example is important because Huntington describes four different perceptions regarding a North African who immigrated to the European Union.

In London, he is Nigerian. With a few exceptions, most nations will not clash over territory or land; however, will clash over political power and control of a country Huntington , Economic regionalism is increasing and successful economic reform will reinforce civilization-consciousness.

Clash of Civilizations

For example a Saudi prince, will not worry about their day-to-day survival while an Afghani nomad does. Huntington then describes threats as fault lines between civilizations of Western Christianity, Orthodox Christianity, and Islam. He uses the following historical examples from the Moorish inquisition in Spain, Muslim and Hindu cultural clashes and ethnic cleansing in the Eurasian continent.

The clash of civilizations argument essay

In my opinion, Huntington does not clearly distinguish between threats, challenges, and opportunities throughout his essay. Most of his examples are historically based where a threat turned into an opportunity and at times a challenge with the exception of a few countries.

This new cold war is definitely a challenge, a threat, and an opportunity. China militarily is a threat to the United States mainly in size differences. Both countries are culturally challenged; however with increased internet and global communication this gap is decreased. The United States and China will continue with economic and global trade. China offers inexpensive manufacture and labor, however, allegations of possible human rights violations persist.

The United States conducts international trade with China to maintain economic capital, foster good relations, and improve human rights issues in China. Throughout history nations go to war for political, religious and economic differences.

Samuel P. Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations Essay

Global politics always influences and creates points of contention for possible future conflicts and clash for civilizations. This quote is from a pure Western point of view derived from a Cold War philosophy of only the educated will liberate the uneducated. C, demonstrates VEO actions were split between culture and religious lines not economical or educational lines. I believe Huntington never believed a VEO, such as Al-Qaeda, would be capable of conducting a successful large scale simultaneous terrorist attack on the United States.

This is nothing new. This example of a clash of civilization occurred over sixty years ago. The potential for a clash of civilizations is relevant in every Operational Environment OE , in all military operations, international conflicts, and global economy. In my opinion, culture, religion, customs, and traditions are essential for success in any OE.

The clash of civilizations argument essay

A failure to understand the political, military, economic, social, infrastructure, information, physical structure and time PMESII-PT or deploying without any OE preparation is unacceptable! As a Special Forces Officer, I am reminded of cultural and religion influences when working with Partner Nation counterparts or in a foreign country. Understanding the culture and religious differences are the backbone of Special Forces. These influences allow an insight to better understand a threat.

There is a difference between understanding and accepting a culture or religion. No individual or group has to accept the culture or religion; however, one has to understand in order for success. The United States and China have an economic potential for macro lever conflict. On the other hand the United States and North Korea have a military potential for macro level conflict.

I can only speculate that conflicts will include a division between economic and fundamental terrorist activities at the macro level. Army will be called for full spectrum operations and an understanding the religious and culture is essential for mission success.

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