American economy post world war ii essay

American Economy Post World War Ii Essay

American economy post world war ii essay

Argentina's Economy after World War II IB Extended Essay: Did the Second World War Improve or Worsen Argentina's Economy? The German invasion of Poland on September 1, was not an isolated event. Instead, it unleashed the biggest conflict in human history whose effects were felt all over the globe (Paz 50). The Marshall Plan was both an event in the Cold War and an important part of the recovery of Post-World War 2 Germany and Europe. In the first few years after the war ended, Germany remained devastated economically. World War II was considered to be the ending step of the Great Depression, righting our economy and putting people back to work. When the United States officially entered the conflict the men who had taken those jobs suddenly left them vacant and women who had never worked before filled them quickly. Economic Boom After World War II Essay Sample. There was aggravated fear among many Americans who were speculating that the post war period would be similar to the great depression of the s especially due to the subsequent decrease in military expenditure. This was during the post war economy (). End of the War in the Pacific. STUDY. PLAY. How did changes that the US made affect Japan's economy after World War II? Japan became one of the world's strongest economies. The new Japanese constitution after World War II contained a clause that. Changes made by the United States after World War II affected the agricultural system in Japan by.

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The Postwar Economy: 1945-1960

During World War II American women became an integral part of the economy by joining the workforce in larger numbers than ever before to support the war effort, help keep the economy going strong, and provide for their families, which forever changed the role of women in the American work force.

The war gave women a chance to contribute to society and show just how strong they truly were. Before World War II many of the jobs that women held were fairly menial.

These jobs were such things as clerical work, sales, teachers, nurses, and domestic workers, occupations that many felt were the only type of work women could handle because they were so sensitive and delicate. Most of the women who were part of the workforce before World War II were unmarried.

American economy post world war ii essay

One reason for this was that in many states throughout the country there were Marriage Bans that placed constraints on the type of employment, if any, married women were allowed to have.

The war helped to erode bans in many of the states and allowed women to pursue new jobs. As the United States entered the war, they needed to find a way to replace the workforce and mobilize the war effort.

As hundreds of thousands of men were drafted into the military, there was a manpower shortage. The government needed to come up will people to fill their now open jobs in various industries so that the troops could get the supplies they needed to win the war.

To do that the government decided to support a campaign by companies to recruit women into the workforce, promising them training for jobs they were unprepared for in trades women had never been able to work in before.

In response to the campaigns by businesses and the government, married and unmarried women alike joined the workforce in droves to fill jobs they had never previously held. They took these jobs for a variety of reasons, including to support the war, gain financial independence, and to provide for their families.

American Women’s Economic Role in World War II Essay Sample

These new job opportunities most often meant that women would make more money than they previously had been able to. As part of the war effort women were needed in a sector that they had never previously been able to work in, as industrial workers in factories. Many of these factories needed the most labor because they were producing the bulk of the supplies and machinery needed in the war.

Companies such as General Motors, General Electric, Boeing, and many others hired women into these labor-intensive positions for the first time and trained them on heavy equipment to produce such things a Jeeps, planes, munitions, uniforms, and other staple supplies needed on the frontlines.

American economy post world war ii essay

Another difficult job that women took on during the war was as agricultural workers. Even though the men who had been working in the agricultural field were now being called to serve in the war, food still needed to be produced to not only feed Americans at home, but the troops abroad as well.

This type of work required long days and was always very labor-intensive because it takes a great deal of time and effort to plant, maintain and harvest crops, or care for animals being raised for meat.

If women had not taken up jobs in the agricultural sector, food production would have been greatly reduced, the American people and the troops abroad would have suffered, and the war effort and subsequently the economy could have been considerably hindered. World War II was considered to be the ending step of the Great Depression, righting our economy and putting people back to work.

When the United States officially entered the conflict the men who had taken those jobs suddenly left them vacant and women who had never worked before filled them quickly.

In order to help with the war, the federal government focused the efforts of the economy on war-related production for ourselves and our allies who were buying supplies they needed from us as well; factories produced supplies needed to help win the war and no luxuries items were produced, only necessities.

Communism: Post World War Ii Events

Women who worked during the war were a substantial part of the war effort, helping aid the United States in its victory, but there were also many other beneficial aspects to their employment such as them gaining self-sufficiency, self-confidence, and independence.

Without their husbands at home women had to juggle working as the primary breadwinners, caring for their families, taking care of household matters, making financial decisions, and coping with the stress of possibly never seeing their loved-ones fighting overseas again, which helped them to become more self-sufficient; they learned they were capable of far more than they had previously thought they were.

This was a strength that would forever change their lives and change the way the world saw future generations of women. World War II helped to change the way these women, and the rest of American society, saw their roles in the economy forever. The war helped women gain a more substantial and lasting role in the economy, paving the way for women to pursue new avenues of employment in the future and challenging the incorrect notion that women were not strong enough to do many types of work.

While American men were abroad fighting the war, the women on the home front kept the economy going by taking the vacant jobs and producing the supplies that were needed to fight the war.

This invaluable role in the war effort gave women a newfound self-value and redefined what jobs women were capable of performing.

Although many women lost their jobs after the war, the exemplary way they filled the roles forever changed the way the country saw women and opened doors for further opportunities in the future.

Economic Boom After World War II Essay Sample

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