Mayon volcano albay descriptive essay

Mayon Volcano Albay Descriptive Essay

Mayon volcano albay descriptive essay

Mayon Volcano is the main landmark of Albay Province, Philippines. It is 10 kilometres (6 mi) from the Gulf of Albay in the cities and municipalities of Legazpi City, Daraga, Camalig, Guinobatan, Ligao City, Tabaco City, Malilipot, and Santo Domingo (clockwise from Legazpi). Mayon: the Origin. tranquillity and spurned for her sometimes deadly and devastating aspect. This beauty is none other but the majestic Mt. Mayon which is located in the province of Albay in the Bicol region. It is known around the globe for its flawless cone shape. The legend of Mt. Mayon goes around the tragic love story of a beautiful young heroine named Daragang Magayon and a dauntless warrior. The legend has been narrated and passed on from generation to generation by the people of Albay. Mar 18,  · We are the students of group 5 from BTM14 in DLSU-D. This blog contains essays which were all about our different experiences in life and it is a requirement for our English subject. Mayon Volcano, or Mount Mayon, is well-known around the world as the “perfect cone” volcano, thanks to its almost symmetric conical shape — a unique feature. It is also the most active volcano in the Philippines, having erupted almost 50 times in the past years alone.

What comes into your mind when we talk about Bicol Region? Is it the Mayon Volcano?

What does Bicol Region like? Bicol Region is located at the South-eastern most part of Luzon in the Philippines.

Mayon volcano albay descriptive essay

It is the one of the famous tourist destinations in the country. It has a lot of beautiful scenic view to offer to visitors and tourist. Bicol region has recently seen a revival in their tourism industry, due to the popularity of the Mayon Volcano.

Mayon volcano albay descriptive essay

It is almost 9 hours away from Cavite. As we got from Bicol, I could feel the soft breeze coming from the horizon. I have seen many trees and grasses that grow there. Around the houses there are trees.

Mayon: the Origin Essay

It gives the people there a beautiful shade. When we have checked in a hotel, I feel so relaxed and at peace because it was a quiet place away from the city. Bicol is also rich in cultural and architectural heritage.

Mayon volcano albay descriptive essay

The structures of the buildings like churches houses are dated back from the Spanish Period. Some of the houses were designed with long slanting roofs covered with nipa leaves.

Descriptive Essay About Mayon Volcano

Bicol is also known for its exotic and beautiful white sand beaches. It has a magnificent world-class diving spots. One of the popular tourist destinations that this Region can offer to visitors is the whale shark spotting. It was a great experience seeing the whale shark. It is enormous in size, reaching lengths greater than 15 meters. They are remarkably gentle enough that is generally safe to swim among them. Swimming among the whale sharks is a captivating experience.

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It was a great experience that we will never forget. We enjoyed our time visiting the Bicol Region. Hope to visit again.