Personal essay examples for 6th grade

Personal Essay Examples For 6th Grade

Personal essay examples for 6th grade

Essay Genre: Sample Essays These essay samples were all written by sixth grade students. These pieces are excellent examples of essays, but as with all writing, even the most famous masterpieces, there is room for revision. Personal Narrative Essays 6Th Grade Research Paper Service for Personal Narrative Essay 6Th Grade Scoring Rubric for Personal Narrative Essay 6Th Grade Six traits of narrative writing with mnemonic to help remember them. Strong Essays words | ( pages) | Preview Descriptive Essay - Original Writing - Chapter One I anxiously pace the parking lot, with high hopes of ridding myself of this burdensome fear that is . A set of authentic writing samples that are indicative of typical fourth grade development. Third Grade Writing 15 A set of authentic writing samples that are indicative of typical third grade development. Personal Narrative Essay – 6th Grade Outline Format Title I. Introductory paragraph “Grabber” sentence (can be a question) Transition sentence (If “grabber” was a question, this could be the answer.) Thesis sentence (Controlling idea of essay) Detail (covered in paragraph II) Detail (covered in paragraph III) Transition sentence (?) II.

Sample Essays These essay samples were all written by sixth grade students. These pieces are excellent examples of essays, but as with all writing, even the most famous masterpieces, there is room for revision. Each piece does many things well, and any one piece may serve as a model or ignite ideas for your own essays.

But the most exceptionally excellent amusement park must contain several key elements to transport you into a world filled with adventure, enjoyment, and imagination. Without rolling rides, soul-saving safety, fantastic food, and willing workers, a park cannot be extraordinary. These critical components keep a park in ship-shape condition for attendees and put the amusement in amusement park.

Obviously, an outstanding amusement park must include adrenaline-pumping rides. There must be rides with heaps of thrilling turns that climb to astounding heights. Furthermore, an extravagant ride must include breath-taking drops, screaming turns, rapid corkscrews, gravity-defying loops, and sudden blackouts. Such features make your heart beat rapidly and add to the excitement of the day. Feel the cold air kissing your face as murmurs of fear and anticipation fight in your ears with the sound of your racing pulse.

Now you have reached the summit. This moment might last forever as you fearfully stare at the drop that appears as if it never ends. Suddenly, you bolt forward. Screams pierce the air as your stomach rises into your mouth. Your hair stands on end as you dart through sharp turns and corkscrews.

Your backside raises out of the seat as you are turned upside down before plummeting back to earth, racing into the station with a neck-jerking halt. The ride is over, and you hastily wobble off, catching your breath, to the next astonishing ride.

Clearly, a marvelous amusement park must have rides that take you on a journey to the world of extreme. No matter what, you must leave the park exhilarated, but feeling like jello. To go along with those fantastic rides, an amusement park must be strong in safety. Without safety, people could get seriously injured rather than experiencing pleasure in the park. Rides like roller coasters need the basic restraints such as bars, harnesses, and seat belts.

Perhaps these rides should even be equipped with a barf bag! Amusement parks could also have height limits, so short children will not fly out of their seats. Just imagine bumper cars without seat belts, with a person hurling toward you at twenty miles per hour and crashing into you. You are suddenly jolted forward, without something to keep you from doing just that.

Or think of experiencing a gravity-defying plummet without a bar that you can hold onto and that keeps you firmly planted in your seat. Maybe even picture a loop-de-loop without a harness.

Soon, you might be face-first on the cement. Safety may indeed be the most important component of an out-of-this-world amusement park. Likewise, an exciting amusement park must have delicious, mouth-watering food that will make your taste-buds sing after you eat it!

No amusement park is complete without extraordinary foods. Finding exquisite food should not be challenging. Eateries that cater to every possible taste should be conveniently located throughout the park. After you have experienced a large amount of thrills from the rides, you must be able to take a break to quench your thirst with a glass of lemonade.

You must also be able to sprinkle your nose with powdered sugar while filling your stomach with delectable delights such as funnel cakes and churros. If you need a little protein to get your energy back before embarking on more adventure, you should be able to fuel up on juicy burgers or the cheesiest pizza. An awesome amusement park absolutely must have scrumptious food! In order to keep your moods up in an amusement park, the park must have cheerful employees who smile a mile a minute. Who wants to have mopey workers, who are as rude and droopy as angry, disappointed lions that just lost a fight, to ruin your exciting day?

Personal essay examples for 6th grade

What really should happen is that the employee should hand the guest a free map and offer to escort that person to the ride in question. Blissful workers will always make your day at an amusement park a mite more magnificent!!! To conclude, there are four impeccable elements that every amusement park must have in order to be outstanding. Look for these elements in real amusement parks to see if they meet all of the sophisticated standards for a stellar amusement park.

Remember, though, that some amusement parks are acceptable, and some are great! However, the most excellent amusement parks must contain these key elements: Everybody has his or her own preferences when it comes to everything. Food, colors, clothing, and animals are in this individual spectrum. Every animal deserves a piece of my heart, but some more than others.

Personal essay examples for 6th grade

The animal with the biggest share is an odd creature, the Goblin shark. I only learned of it via a hand-drawing in a book about sea-life. This creature is a mysterious being that has been around longer than modern mankind.

It has a face only a mother could love.

Personal essay examples for 6th grade

What is there that we can learn and how much? Nobody has seen a Goblin shark in perfect physical condition. Its environment [home] is in deep-sea trenches, where only deep-sea submersibles can search. But, whenever one is caught in a net, people can get a glimpse of the shark before it dies. There are two reasons they die: Additionally, the Goblin shark suits its name well. It has a tail that is shaped like a steak knife with a rounded tip. It also has a long, protruding snout that is much longer than any other cartilaginous fish.

The Goblin shark is pink because its skin is so thin, you can see the blood vessels. At the beginning of its mouth, the teeth are sharp and thick. Near the end of the mouth, the teeth are long and spindly. The Goblin shark is very sluggish at swimming. Now, a Goblin shark has a lot to do in a day. The animal has an odd feature that involves the jaw attached to another bone similar to the jaw. This allows the jaw to stretch out from its face. So, when hunting, its mouth shoots out and snatches its prey.

The Goblin shark sways its head so the ampullae of Lorenzini can search for prey. Occasionally, they come closer to the surface for more food opportunities. Nothing else is really known about this creature. To conclude, this is a creature about which there are only a few bits of information. Its daily life is foggy and mysterious in our eyes. This creature is a good example of a living relic, an animal that has been around before man and has barely changed.

This creature is an enigma, a mystery in a world of discoveries. These were the resources I used for research information.

I jump out of my chair. There is air brushing across my cheeks. I tuck my feet into my stomach. The next words that come out of my mouth feel amazing. They just roll off the tongue. This one word will make this day the best day of summer. I cut through the water perfectly like a sharp knife on a tomato. I fly down to the bottom of the pool.

Personal Narrative Essay 6Th Grade

Everyone is looking around wondering where I am. I bend my legs on the floor of the pool and I jump. I fly into the air, and now I am afloat. The water feels cooling on this hot summer day. I go to the stairs of the pool and walk over to my towel, leaving marks on the cement of my feet. I give high fives to my friends. This is definitely the best summer ever. It is summer, and this is why. To begin with, in summer there is obviously no school, and that means no teachers to boss you around.

There is no homework that you have to do, and your day is your own to decide.

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If you want to finish the level or probably 10 , go ahead. Secondly, summer is about going different places. You could go to Discovery Kingdom and ride Medusa.