What are you passionate about essay example

What Are You Passionate About Essay Example

What are you passionate about essay example

Jun 15,  · If you're writing an essay on what you're 'passionate' about, I think writing 2 pages of a list of things that you love probably wouldn't be as affective grade wise than if you were to pick out a few examples of what you're passionate Resolved. okay, then BS your essays and pretend like you are passionate about those competitions, volunteering, etc. if a school is looking for passion, and you don't have passion for anything maybe you are applying to the wrong school. Extract of sample "Why are you passionate about leadership" Download file to see previous pages Hence, for me leadership is about the ability to interpret events and concepts in a way that allows for individual views, while making way for a sense of commonality and a shared sense of purpose. Jul 08,  · Write about how passionate you are about finishing these essays and moving on with your life and getting accepted, so you never have to do one of those bloody awful prompts again. Secondaries are without a doubt the most tedious part of this process. Knowing your passion in life gives you something to build the rest of your life around. Your passion can be anything that simultaneously challenges you, intrigues you and motivates you. Contrary to the idea that doing what you love makes work effortless, a passion puts you to work.

What are you passionate about?

What do people write about? Take an example of a father. Doesn't his kid matter to him most? If he writes about anything else, he would perhaps be lying.

But you can't really write about family, cos that makes you seem immature. How about a hobby? If you were most passionate about a hobby, then would it be your hobby? Wouldn't you be a lot more involved in it than that? A philosophy in life? Let's take an example, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Why are you passionate about leadership - Essay Example

Something like this is going to sound so cheesy that your essay will have to do a tremendously good job of making up for it. Making the essay personable will also become a really difficult job.

What are you passionate about essay example

Look back at your career. If your career was your passion, then would you have achieved only this much so far?

What Are You Passionate About? Essay Sample

Moreover, don't you become one-dimensional if your career matters to you the most? If you are most passionate about ensuring that kids in the ABCD village in Mangolia are educated, then wouldn't you be in Mangolia right now, instead of writing essays? This "most" word is making my life miserable.

What are you passionate about essay example

Everything that I think of, I can find why that is not the thing that I can be "most" passionate about, or why I should not be writing about it. If I answer this question honestly, I am most passionate about helping my younger brother grow up to be the best and the most successful man that he can be. That is one thing for which I can let go of anything. But there's no way I am writing about something like that.