Cant find a job after college depression essays

Cant Find A Job After College Depression Essays

Cant find a job after college depression essays

After thirteen years of planning and learning about what college has to offer, the decision finally has to be made about what I want to do with future academic career and life after college. The number of colleges I have to choose from is endless. If you are currently a graduate who has yet to find a job, know that with diligence and an open mind, you too will find one. Keep your head up, stay positive, and enjoy the “time off” as much as possible. What other tips can you suggest to college graduates struggling to find a job? Having to work after being in extended education. Having to work a full-time job after being in extended education is another aspect that defines life after college. A graduate has to adapt from being in college with a fairly easy-going timetable to being in a job with rigorous timeframes. In this piece, we will offer recommendations for dealing with depression/anxiety on your college application, but perhaps more importantly, we will share what mental health experts and current research says are important considerations for managing your illness on campus. Graduation Depression: Overcoming a Common Problem Graduation is an exciting time for a college student. All the hard work you’ve put in over these last four years is finally going to pay off, and you’re finally going to start working that dream job.

Shares 11 When I graduated from the University of Florida, living at home with my parents was not where I expected to find myself. But instead, I found myself job-less, stressed out, and mailing lots of resumes.

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In fact, being jobless and frantically sending out resumes is standard practice for most recent college grads these days. Here are 10 tips to survive, stay on track, and get ahead of the competition. It is important to stay positive and continue your search. One way to maintain a positive frame of mind is to remind yourself how far you have come already — just like the challenges you faced in school, you will overcome being unemployed.

Take a jog, read a book , or spend time with your friends and family.

Cant find a job after college depression essays

This can go a long way to help you maintain a positive attitude, which could be the very thing that lands you a job. Moving in with your parents has huge savings potential. In fact, when I moved home after graduation, my parents looked at it as their last opportunity to provide for me financially; it was a kind of college graduation gift.

It was also nice to receive encouragement and emotional support from my family during that challenging time. Just be sure not to mooch off your parents.

Also, do something in return for their kindness, such as cleaning, cooking, and mowing the lawn. There is usually an automatic grace period of six months before you have to start paying back student loans upon graduation.

However, if you have trouble finding a job, six months may not be enough. If you find yourself in this situation, defer your student loans until you have an income. Put Yourself on a Budget.

One of the best ways to save money is to conserve it by implementing a personal budget. Determine the amount of money you have and how much you can spend each month for a specified period of time perhaps one year. Then, limit your spending to that amount of money per month. Consider putting away your credit cards and using the envelope budgeting system if you tend to over-spend. Spend Time Networking Professional networking can really pay off during a job search.

Here are several places to network: Join if you wish, but more importantly, find out if there are functions you can attend to meet other alumni. Search online for networking events in your community. Once you begin attending these events, you may receive information for others not listed online. Career fairs are becoming increasingly common, and they can be hosted or sponsored by a school, a company, or even a city.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities by checking online, in newspapers, and by watching the news. Similar to college alumni, many people relate well to those who are in their professional organizations. In fact, it was via a professional organization the Institute of Industrial Engineers that I found my first job after graduating. You can meet many people by attending a conference for your profession or industry.

Individual conferences are typically held once per year, and can be held anywhere in the country. The cost to attend these events is often high, but if you leave the conference with some job leads, it could make it worth every penny. You can get a taste of a day in the life of a working professional by job shadowing.

Even if the company for which you shadow does not have a current opening, they may remember you when they do have one. Check for job-shadowing opportunities with your college or local chamber of commerce. An increasing amount of people are finding jobs via social networking, and LinkedIn is the social network designed for professionals.

LinkedIn allows you to display who you are, along with your degrees, experiences, and what specific line of work you are looking for. However, if you were planning to eventually earn another degree, it might be best to simply get it out of the way, during which time the economy can recover.

Cant find a job after college depression essays

You may even want get additional training or licenses to benefit your career. I later realized that I had kept my job search too narrow by looking in a limited area, within only certain industries, and for one that required minimal travel. Had I been more open, I believe I would have found a job much more quickly. Open yourself up to more locations, industries, career types, and entry-level positions, even if you qualify for a higher level job.

Focus on getting your foot in the door, and try not to be too idealistic. Build Your Skills Every time you interview and are overlooked for the job, ask the interviewer what skills they recommend you improve.

If you struggled answering the interview questions, ask a friend or family member to help you do mock interviews. This will also improve your confidence. If you are unable to find a paid job, consider this option as a way to gain experience and network. You could have yourself a paid job before you know it. Keep in mind that it takes time to be accepted as a volunteer, and these organizations require a commitment. For example, my sister joined the Peace Corps — the volunteer acceptance process took nine months, plus she had to commit for two years and undergo three months of training.

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Focus on an area in which you have a great deal of knowledge — for instance, if you are good with computers, a repair shop may be the perfect business to run out of your house. Consulting companies are also low-risk endeavors that require little start-up capital. Start a Blog or Website If you have a passion that you would like to share with the world, write about it and see where it goes.

Cant find a job after college depression essays

For instance, healthy cooking, personal finance, sports, couponing, and new technology are all popular topics online. I regret giving into the stress of the situation and not taking advantage of it. If you are currently a graduate who has yet to find a job, know that with diligence and an open mind, you too will find one. What other tips can you suggest to college graduates struggling to find a job?