Aboriginal human rights essay sample

Aboriginal Human Rights Essay Sample

Aboriginal human rights essay sample

Aug 08,  · Essay on Aboriginal Rights and Land Claims in Canada Introduction The problem of aboriginal rights and land claims is one of the most serious problems modern Canada is . Getting government to listen: A guide to the international human rights system for indigenous australians. East Sydney, NSW, Australia: The Australian Youth Foundation. Broome, R. (). Aboriginal Rights The Stolen Generation was a major cause to this assimilation where children were forcibly essay from their homes aboriginal families, moved into institutions and finally adopted into a white biography home. Aboriginal Changing Rights and Freedoms Essay The arrival and settlement of the British in Australia was not peaceful. As the colonies spread across the continent, Aboriginal people were dispossessed and displaced from their lands, killed in battles for their land, or by hunting parties. Human Rights Essay. to reconsider legislation on violence against women and sexual assault and on the protection of minority groups are examples of the leading work of NGOs. Human rights philosophy and mechanisms can influence national legal personnel such as lawyers and judges, but ultimately (with relatively few exceptions in the European.

The sheer volume of significant events during this time period are too great to enlighten on all of them so I will aim to touch on the rights of Aboriginal people before this time period, the foundation of Aboriginal political activism, the Day of Mourning and the Cummeragunja walk off, International pressure against Australia, and the referendum.

The constitution came into effect during a time period where Aborigines had no political power and were essentially excluded from gaining Australian citizenship Chesterman, There were two sections of the Constitution that lead to great debate and the constant struggle for the advancement of Aboriginal rights for the next seventy years. Many, including Chesterman, have considered this section of the Constitution to exclude people of the Aboriginal race regarding laws.

The confusion that arose from this section was the interpretation by the States that were authorized control over Aboriginal affairs in the given State. Section of the Constitution deliberately states that Aboriginal natives shall not be counted in the population of Australia. With these two sections being written and put into effect in the Commonwealth was effectively rejecting citizenship rights to Aborigines.

The racial politics occurring during this time effectively barred Aboriginal people from voting. The Commonwealth Franchise Act of ended up disenfranchising Aboriginal people for almost sixty years. The aims of the organization set a precedent for other Aboriginal protest groups and speak out against the political oppression Aboriginal people faced Maynard, Although the group did not last for an extensive period of time the foundation they laid for political activism played a significant role in the advancement of Aboriginal rights.

Australian Indigenous Rights Essay

The main importance of this group was essentially being one of the first Aboriginal political organizations to form to take action against state and federal legislation in Australia.

All of these political organizations fought for similar rights for boriginal people, but they were all fought on local levels. The two organizations that were somewhat successful at becoming national organizations and representing Aborigines throughout Australia were the Australian Aborigines League and the Aborigines Progressive Association. Both groups fought for similar causes. The major significance that lead to the AAL becoming a national organization rather than a local organization was set in how the members viewed the role of the League.

Both these men were significant figures in the Australian Aborigines League and were implementing the view among their organization that it was their, Aborigines, fight and organization and used this as a way to speak out for the Aboriginal population of Australia. As previously noted these two groups, the Australian Aborigines League and the Aborigines Progressive Association were the two most prominent and influential Aboriginal political groups to be formed during this time period.

These groups relied on mainly on conventional interest group tactics: These two groups were significant in voicing the direction of what Aboriginal people expected from the government regarding civil rights and this could not have been any clearer than the Day of Mourning protests in The two organization leaders detailed the political agenda and argued that many Indigenous people were civilized and should be entitled to full citizen rights.

In response to the new Child Welfare Act that stated that Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children could be removed from their families for being uncontrollable as well as for being neglected Chesterman, In the Cumeragunja walk-off was a symbol of direct action of Aboriginal people in response to the worsening working conditions and continuous neglect to change policy. The new manager of the station in Cummeragunja was Arthur McQuiggan. However the petition was sent back and the grievance was ignored.

Aboriginal human rights essay sample

This neglect to act caused the residents to take further actions and stage a walk off; crossing the Murray River and camping on the riverbank Attwood, Both the Australian Aborigines League and the Aborigines Progressive Association did an excellent job in advocating for Aboriginal rights.

Now having said that it does not necessarily mean that all of their actions, such as the Day of Mourning and the Cummeragunja walk off lead to immediate and extremely influential legislation changes. International pressures also played a significant role in aiding the advancement of Aboriginal civil rights.

In the United Nations was formed and Australia was one of the original members. Articles 1, 3, 7, 9, and 13 eerily address issues that had been occurring in Australia for decades. The one major fault with the Declaration of Human Rights was that it had no legal power so enforceability was a serious issue in the early stages of the declaration. The question that arouse was how could a country involved with human rights internationally have so much trouble with enforcing human rights domestically?

Australia was receiving negative international press for the current questions around civil rights for Aboriginal people. We would therefore urge upon you that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which the Australian representative at the United Nations has set his name, should be taken as the basis for the necessary reforms in the treatment of the aborigines.

Once the civil rights issues of Aboriginal people gained international attention Aboriginal political activism groups became more effective in rousing change in legislation. The need for federal oversight regarding Aboriginal issues was extremely prevalent due to the complications with federal legislation and State legislation. In the Commonwealth amended its Franchise Act, which permitted all adult Indigenous people to vote in Commonwealth elections. Finally after years of international pressure and embarrassment integrated with Aboriginal political organizations were rights of Aboriginal successfully affected.

The Constitutional Referendum was and is considered by many as one of the most significant event in the advancement of Aboriginal civil rights. The referendum amended sections 51 and of the constitution and was to make the Federal Government, rather than racist and neglectful state governments, be responsible for handling Aboriginal affairs in Australia.

The powers that were now available to the Federal Government were ignored for a five-year period after the referendum, which some signified as a lack of action by the government, but I would deem it as a time where the Government was unsure of how to go about correcting a 60 year wrong.

Aboriginal human rights essay sample

In conclusion, the correlation between the most important Aboriginal political organization events and protests revolved around times when Australia was receiving negative press in the international scope when dealing with Aboriginal rights. In The Struggle for Aboriginal Rights: A Documentary History pp. Race, power and the Australian constitution.

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Aboriginal Changing Rights and Freedoms Essay

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